Multi Specialty Clinic មន្ទីរពហុព្យាបាល ឯកជន ពហុជំនាញ
Multi Specialty Clinic មន្ទីរពហុព្យាបាល ឯកជន ពហុជំនាញ

SOVANN Polyclinic welcomes you 24Hours / 7days !

You are Welcome to SOVANN Polyclinic at Registration Counter. Walk-In Consultation is accepted.
7 Storey-Building In Central of the City

Greeting From SOVANN Polyclinic!


Be one of the most reliable and advanced polyclinics in Cambodia, SOVANN polyclinic offers a full range of medical cares and treatments by mean of up-to-date medical science and high technology medical equipment.

By gathering of experienced doctors and specialists, we are capable in treating a variety of medical fields in high standard quality, enable us to provide the best solution for health issues.


SOVANN Polyclinic has cooperated closely with local health insurance companies and we are extending our cooperation with international health insurances globally. We are already being the clinic partner for most local insurance companies in Cambodia (such as INFINTY, FORTE, ASIA,​ PKMI, CVI insurance companies) and many organizations who have insured their staffs. We are working as well with an International Life Insurance company, Prudential, Manulife and Cambodian Life Insurance.


Experienced Nurses and Midwives


Our Mission:

SOVANN Polyclinic strives to provide an international standard quality of care and treatment by a professional health care team with excellent services for completing satisfaction of our patients.


Our commitment is as below:

- Provide high-quality medical services by complying with international standards.

- Uphold the values and ethics of medicine and art of treatment.

- Utilize up-to-date medical science and high technology medical equipment.

 - Develop our health knowledge annually by attending local and international medical educations, workshop, conferences.

- Value and improve the quality of life and care to our patients throughout Cambodia.


Our Vision:

SOVANN Polyclinic will be the best standard healthcare of choice for Cambodian and foreigners while they are in Cambodia.


Natural Baby Delivery By Experienced Midwives under controle and support by Obstetricians.

Baby Delivery Safe Natural Baby Labour Here!
Healthy Lovely Baby Born

24 H Emergency & ICU  equipped with patient monitors, ventilators allows doctors able to save more lives

Well Equipped ICU Room & Bed

Gynecological Exam From VIA to Colposcopy and Pap Smear Screen, Enable You Away From Cervical Cancer.

Cervical Pap Smear Procedure

In combination with Breast Ultrasound, Mammography can detect Breast Cancer in early state, thus saves women's life by treating on time.

Breast Screening for abnormalities by Mammogram

Best Choice For Urinary Tract Stone Treatment. This high tech-machine can brake stones from out side the body without damage to near organes.

SIEMENS ESWL Lithotripsy

Endoscopy & Surgery are performed by Urology Specialists.

Urologic Endoscopy & Surgery Is Our Prestige Specialist. Urologic Endoscopy & Surgery
Open Abdominal Surgery

Different Ultrasounds with Multiple Transducers for Different Organes.

Dynamic 4D Ultrasound

From X-ray to CT Scan, we can detect diseases early, thus treat on time.

High-Tech Medical Imaging Unit

Fast and Accurate Results by Daily Quality Control, Up-to-date Equipments

Intergrated Medical Laboratory
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Building 77, Preah Vihear Street, Kampong Krabey, Svaypor, Battambang. Cambodia.