Multi Specialty Clinic មន្ទីរពហុព្យាបាល ឯកជន ពហុជំនាញ
Multi Specialty Clinic មន្ទីរពហុព្យាបាល ឯកជន ពហុជំនាញ


Antenatal Care:

Antenatal care is very important as it influense pregnancy and fetus outcome. Better understanding and knowledge of the parent does benefite from natural delivery and impact their children's future.

Prenatal Examination


Prenatal examination and blood test to screen infection during pregnancy is very important to get a healthy baby. Ultrasound can detect fetal abnormality and follow fetal growth in the womb.





Better knowledge about what and how much to eat for a pregnant mother is very necessary and supportive for complete growth of a healthy and smart baby. It is wrong that most pregnants think they have to increase their foods double in order to feed their baby.




Exercise during pregnancy have been studied a lot and be proved as benificial for both mother and baby. It help to keep mother from over weight, from high blood sugar, promote blood circulation, strengten skeletal system, release muscle pain. And the most important benifit is to help and facilitate in vaginal labour.


Pregnancy Health Education base on German Nutrition Society
Antenatal Care_English.pdf
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Midwife Team

Midwives are professionnal and dedicated to their work. They do report to obstetricians for any abnormal condition, make partographe for each patient.




Cesarean Section.

Obstetricians monitor strickly progress of labour, fetal heart rate, uterus contraction and mother's condition. If vaginal labour is not success, cesarean is the best solution for both mother and baby. Cesarean is also recommend abnormal presentation of baby, feto-maternal dysproportion, history of past cesarean, previa placenta.




Daddy in Cesarean Labour

As a request, daddy is allowed to accompany his wife for mental support in cesarean, and is encouraged to cut baby's ombilic cord. He is been told to changed clothe as staffs and follow asepsy regulations.




Infant Warmer & Rescucitation

The new born is warmed and cleaned by sterile clothe under baby warmer to get a healthy baby




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