Multi Specialty Clinic មន្ទីរពហុព្យាបាល ឯកជន ពហុជំនាញ
Multi Specialty Clinic មន្ទីរពហុព្យាបាល ឯកជន ពហុជំនាញ

Gynecology Services

Gynecological Exam

A range of gynecological examination is provided by experienced gynecologist by using up-to-date medical equipments. Our Special Offer is Gynecological Check up.

  • Cervical Screening is the best procedure in preventing cervical cancer. It help to detect other diseases and illnesses early on and treat it accordingly.
  • Vaginal Inspection after applying to cervix with Acetic acid solution 2% (VIA) can detect abnormal cervical diseases.
  • Colposcopy is very supportive diagnostic method in most cases of cervical diseases.


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